MOD LIVIN MODERN DESIGN SERIES | The Lives & Designs of Charles & Ray Eames

MOD LIVIN’ | MODERN DESIGN SERIES Six times this year, Mod Livin’ will explore a different aspect of 20th Century Modern. The categories will encompass architecture, furniture design, and designer biographies.  The inaugural event, titled, The Lives & Designs of Charles & Ray Eames begins at six o’clock on the evening of Friday, April 13th.
Included will be an exhibition of the Eames’ designs from private collections around Denver, as well as print and film.  This event will house the introduction to our 5×5 Conversation.  The 5×5 will be a forum for interested colleagues and friends to share their personal stories.  From first finds to technical aspects of the designs, or simply how the Eames’ oeuvre continues to offer inspiration today.
Friday, April 13 | 6-8 PM | 5327 East Colfax Avenue

2 Comments on “MOD LIVIN MODERN DESIGN SERIES | The Lives & Designs of Charles & Ray Eames”

  1. Nicholas says:

    To the fantastic folks at ML,

    We unfortunately had to get back to CS this evening and are still wondering if the cats would have been ok had be stayed for the Eames event tonight. Thank you again for the wonderful recommendation for India’s (it was as fantastic as you said it would be and topped off a great birthday day for Carin!) and for letting us visit with Mavis.

    I hope your event this evening is a smashing success. We will try to make the next one….

    Thanks again and best regards,

    Nicholas and Carin.

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