Holiday Gifts, the Vintage Edition!

If you or your friends are anything like us here at mod livin’, we prefer gifts of the antiquated sort! Anything with a history or story behind it make the best presents. We’ve built a great little list of vintage gifts for the discerning vintage collector in your life. These items are one-of-a-kind and available in store only. Once they’re gone, we don’t have any more! Stop by the showrom ASAP to get your hands on what you see here.

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Scandinavian Art Glass Vase

This incredible Scandinavian designed vase looks like it’s floating above any table you set it on.

Layered smoky gray glass within pristine clear glass surrounding it are joined together to create a beautiful organic shape.

$62.00   available in store only


“The Ritz” Bakelite & Chrome Shaker

This extra large cocktail shaker is perfect for any Bakelite collector or enthusiast.

In 1907, a chemical process gave the world an early plastic that people in 2011 seek out.

Bakelite (or Bakelit) provides retro appeal and can help you determine when something was made. This 1930s Chromed & Bakelite Shaker would be a conversation piece for any mixed drink event you would care to throw!

$125.00   available in store only


Murano Glass Parrot

Murano glass is a glass making technique developed on the small island of Murano, Italy.

Traditional glass-making here goes back to the 9th century and has been passed down through generations. The artisans utilize chemical compounds to color the hand-blown glass. These pieces are highly sought after.

Murano glass had a peak of popularity in the 1950s and 1960s when tourists flocked to the Mediterranean Sea for sun and


This beautiful parrot figurine features great colors and great lines that would be a beautiful addition to any home!

$68.00   available in store only


Harris Strong Tile Mosaic

Harris Strong, a veteran of World War II, created beautiful tile mosaics of a variety of scenes.

He studied ceramics and pottery making in college and through the tools and trade learned there developed a style that remains collectible and sought after through today. Pieces can be found on online auction websites for thousands of

dollars, and we have a great water scene here for a great price.

This piece, ca 1960s, would be a beautiful and thoughtful gift for any appreciator of American art.

$165.00     available in store only


1930s Ruby Shaker & Glasses

The crimson, oversized shaker features a hunting scene screened on two sides. The shaker & cups are ruby glass (or cranberry glass). Ruby glass is made by combining a gold compound to the glass to create the distinct ruby hue.

The topper is sterling silver.

Buy the shaker alone or with the cups shown below for a beautiful red holiday gift.

SHAKER ONLY $225.00       available in store only

Set 4 Cups $45.00     available in store only


Dorothy Thorpe Martini Set

Holy moly, how chic are these? Sterling ringed cocktail glasses and mixer.

Dorothy Thorpe was an American born designer who got her start working art on existing glass.

She often purchased glassware and decorated it through sand-blasting, etching or silver overlay (see right!).

She also worked on ceramics.

$68.00    available in store only


Brad Howe Table Top Mobile

Brad Howe specializes in using color, line and mobility to create sculptures and furniture that amuse and entice. Dimension and shape are integral parts of his creative process, and any fan of modern art would adore this kinetic sculpture for a desk or table.

My sculptures are composed with vitality and celebrate beauty. Their structures are composed with actual or implied kinetic properties aimed at exposing energized moments between connection and disconnection, as well as between strain and serenity. –  Brad Howe

$290.00     available in store only


Danish “Turned” Candle Holders

These beautiful enamel candle holders take on the shape of turned wood.

Sleek and modern, these would be a great addition to any Danish Modern inspired home.

$22.00 (pair)    available in store only


Rude Osolnik Candle Holders

America’s premier wood-turning expert, Osolnik designed beautiful, organic wood pieces for the home.

Both practical and beautiful, his works are widely sought after. The Queen of England received a hand made bowl by Osolnik as a gift from the United States. Give a gift of American craftsmanship and high design with these.

$120.00 (pair)     available in store only


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